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Directory Listings

arts - visual and performing, comprehensive platform to display and audition your talents

australian psycho - psychobabble - all in the mind

babytalk - 'Joey' club - advice and info exchange, new products, parenting chatrooms, support groups, links, directories, diaries and more

backpacker - swaggies - all the stuff you can't fit into your backpack, info, deals, data, message boards, chatrooms, products, log in and keep your family/cobbers posted - ozemart and backpacker buy & sell/swap - post your own videos - vacancies, accommodation, fares, bonzer deals, etc

beautyspot - this section will go beyond the epidermis - all matters to do with inner well-being as well as external beauty-- comprehensive emag, product testing, launches, advice, info exchange, wholistic and therapeutic and cruelty-free products will also be reviewed and discussed - post your own family recipes

blindspot - will include a section called ' Optic Nerve ' contributed by colleagues who are blind and have varying degrees of vision - as well as sighted contributors - all are invited to participate - and in due course, interactive data, technology, multi-language  programmes will be deployed - this site is devoted to facilitating and compiling inter -active services, articles, topics, research and issues, chatrooms, teaching programmes and communications aids for those of us who are blind, who have vision problems, are unable to read English - or other languages - and who, in fact, may be illiterate. There will be a major audio and verbal component to this section - as requested by participants in our research programme.  We are mindful that whilst there are new cutting edge technologies available, not all of us can afford them and the touchphone and mobile phone will continue to provide and increasing role in these communication.  Aural and braille capabilities will be in place so that you can have your own say in matters and participate in public debate online and in chatrooms and contribute to community issues and legislation.  Also Q & A and numerous links and support sites.

business - comprehensive businessdirectory and listings, also AGM - post your own annual general meeetings,etc and annual reports on planet oz media - exciting columnists and chatrooms  - BIOs, employment sections, CeeVee postings, advice, info exchange, support, links, tenders.  Also includes CEO - interviews with Oz CEOs working in Australia and offshore. Biographical data, advice, tips and more


box office - what's on everywhere - amateur and professional - all major and minor events, news, reviews, post your own info online - all community productions/events are welcome and we are relying on you to post these activities - includes a section called BOS ( bums on seats ) - you can also promote auditions - dedicated directory that will include drama/dance/music classes/courses et al - also online classes; post your own audition/Brag tapes - to B or not to B - surely that's not in question !

Cinema reviews, listings, articles, archives

caravan - trailer flash, maisonettes de wheels and all matters pertaining to holiday and nomadic traditions - that now command a different kind of camel power - diaries, interest groups, products, fave raves, working holidays, sites, deals on wheels, all of this and more of that - also employment opportunities while you're on the road - including volunteer and teaching possibilities working with NGOs and philanthropic/community groups and projects. All good.

carers - all carers and all responsibility - where would Oz be without you!  Yes, you save the Nation billions of dollars in unpaid wages - but you save also the Nation's collective soul.  This site will be shaped by you - organisations, support groups, chatrooms, personal stories, links, products, notice board, legislation

cbd&cbd - City Business District & Country Business District. At planetozmedia we believe in bridging The Great Dividing Range that is often imposed between metropolitan/regional Australia.  We're not having a Marble Bar of it! 

clobber - fashion/clothing directory that will be a salute to Oz fashion both here and O.S., catwalk - and ' dogwalk ' - planetozmedia will be doing runway reviews and collection critiques and we will be reliant on you doing the same !  Post your own designs and we are particularly interested in student contributors to our ' Cutting Edge ' section where we'll post interviews with designers, wholesalers, photocraphers, stylists, merchandisers, products, online sales and bargains, classes, chatrooms, fabrics, ' pins and pricks, ' fashion clubs - this section will not be confined solely to mainstream and/or ' western' fashion.  You decide!

cobbers - directory and friends network, find cobbers you've lost contact with - schoolmates, workmates, exlovers - lost and found section - of course, you can remain 'lost' if that suits you!

communications/editorials and opinions

community - one of our bigger sections that will include all facets of community life and designed by you - we will address community print and electronic media, and ethnic media - directory listings of community groups and organisations, links, contacts - community leadership groups, mentoring, project listings, employment opportunities

corroboree - includes section called ' Indigenious ' - indigenous performing and visual arts listings ( will also be included in other sections ) songlines, story lines, totems, profiles and bookings, links, articles, online classes/chatrooms, links

and local histories, interviews posted, project collation including gathering of anecdotal and oral histories from Elders by young community members, links, multi media, electronic and print capabilities, Reconciliation issues will be a critical aspect of the site, indigenous participation and all are invited to contribute.

 directory - ozepedia - comprehensive listings including personal, business, governments, municipalities, organisations, charities, volunteers, philanthropic, support agencies - all States and Territories - all welcome - links invited.

finance -  sections include, money talks, lucre, brass s razzoo and other sections

geographical data Australia

more to be added.

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